Technical rider

People on tour:
In total 4 persons (4 performers)
*3 performers are living in Oslo and 1 in Sweden.
*3 performers have a driving licence.

Price upon agreement.

Maximum children/students per performance:  20 children

Festival/Venue are to provide 2 adults to usher the children throughout the promenade performance (for safety).

Performance get in/get out:
Get in: 3 hours
Performance length: 70 minutes including the introduction
Get out: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Performances per day: 1-2 (there is a possibility for 3 performances limited to 2 days a week when no get in or get out the same day)
Pause: Minimum 15 minutes pause/preparation between the performance1 and 2, and 1 hour between performance 2 and 3.

Requirements from venue/school:
3 different rooms (not necessary with a stage). The 3 rooms need to have a distance between them, so that the children can walk on a journey between the rooms.
1 room minimum 5×4 meter (the room needs blending)
1 room minimum 8×10 meter
1 room minimum 3×4 meter (the room needs blending)

*We can use many types of room, such as: gymnastic hall, stage, backstage, wardrobe, classroom, library etc.

Cushion/mats available for the children to sit on in two of the rooms.

Electrical plugs and extension chords in each room.